Vanderbilt Student Communications supports student engagement in experiential learning in all facets of media management and production, including those that occur off-campus and during the summer or other academic breaks. VSC offers grants to enrolled undergraduate students who need assistance to enable their participation in media-focused internships, workshops, volunteer roles, and similar learning opportunities. Grants may only be used for fixed expenses such as travel, lodging and/or participation fees. All grant payments will be made directly to the vendor by VSC. Graduating seniors are ineligible for assistance for opportunities after Jan. 1 of their graduation year.

Applications for assistance are accepted throughout the academic year but must be submitted by no later than April 15 for consideration. VSC understands financial concerns are often an obstacle to whether a student decides to apply for an off-campus program. To address that concern, students are encouraged to apply for pre-approval to determine in advance whether VSC funding will be available should the student successfully secure an internship or other opportunity.

Grant funding decisions are typically communicated to applicants within two weeks. Applicants must have been active in one or more Vanderbilt Student Communications student media groups or associated media projects. Students will be expected to continue participation in VSC groups or projects in the semester following the grant award.

To apply, complete this online form.