Stacy Goldate, BS ’94

Stacy Goldate majored in Human & Organizational Development, and on WRVU she ran a weekly newsmagazine program and served as a music DJ. Goldate also was a guest columnist for The Hustler.

Neil Vigdor, BA ’99

When people ask Neil Vigor, politics reporter for The New York Times, where he went to journalism school, he says his “nearly four years as a writer and editor at The Vanderbilt Hustler amounted to my de facto J-school.”

Justin S. Smith, BA ’03

Justin S. Smith graduated from Vanderbilt in 2003 with a major in communications studies and a minor in business administration, and this year marks his 20-year college reunion.

Meredith Berger, BA ’04

Meredith Berger’s enthusiasm for the art of storytelling and effective communication was apparent in her immersive work in student media at Vanderbilt. While majoring in American Studies and Spanish, Berger held various positions at The Hustler: reporter, assistant news editor, arts editor, managing editor, and editor-in-chief. She also served as a radio co-host on WRVU.