with Vanderbilt Student Communications

Vanderbilt Student Communications exists to support experiential learning in a range of areas from writing to video production to songwriting and recording. While our primary focus is providing the foundation for all campus student-run media groups, our department also serves as a resource to undergraduate students pursuing individual and group media-related projects. VSC does not provide equipment or studio access to students for personal or academic projects unless the student producer agrees to share the content created with the broader campus and world audience via VSC distribution channels.

 Working in coordination with the Office of Immersion Resources, VSC is available to assist students as they work with faculty to identify and engage in Immersion Vanderbilt projects with a media-related component. Options may include projects to expand creative expression within an existing student media program, or individually-tailored projects within the broad scope of categories we are equipped to support. A general list of those communications and media categories includes:   

Arts & entertainment media
Audio production
Documentary filmmaking
Fiction/poetry writing
Graphic arts/design
Humor/satire writing
Music recording
Non-fiction writing
Opinion writing

VSC maintains production facilities that include a television/video studio, two radio stations, three podcast studios, two music recording studios, and computer-equipped workrooms. We also maintain a limited inventory of audio/video/photo field equipment for student use. Students are supported by four full-time staff media specialists and a team of local and alumni media professionals.

To learn more about exploring Vanderbilt Student Communications resources to fulfill your Immersion Vanderbilt project, contact